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Alain Bieber

Alain Bieber (*1978) studied rhetorics, sociology, literature and political science in Tübingen (Germany) and Paris. He works as a journalist, blogger, project manager and curator in Strasbourg. In 2004 he founded the rebel:art media foundation, a platform for art, culture and politics. Past projects were: "Pillowfight Klub" and the  "OH! video magazine". Ongoing projects are: "GuteSeiten", a curated kiosk and magazine club; the "International Stickeraward" and "PARASITES", an illegal exhibition series. He co-curated the "Subversiv Messe" in Linz, the Dockville Festival in Hamburg; was a jury member at the "DokFest Kassel", "Viral Video Award", "Backup Media Festival"; and gave lectures about street art, subversive strategies, fanzines and illegal interventions in Berlin, Leipzig, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Eindhoven. The last three years he worked as a journalist for the german ART magazine in Hamburg – now he's the project manager for ARTE Creative in Strasbourg. 

Works being commented by Alain Bieber
No works curated in year 2016.