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Alana Hunt

Several seas away, some words were recently written about Alana Hunt and her bare feet slapping across the mud as she collected other people’s damaged paintings in a washed away town somewhere in remote Australia. Wandering home, past the light of a soft fire, unable to disturb an old septuagenarian couple making love, damp beds smelling sour, a seemingly unmindful Alana searches for salt to put in the cups of nun chai from Kashmir that she holds tenderly in her hands.

Alana's practice defies singular definition. Characterised by a gentle though challenging approach to participatory practice her work is best understood as a catalyst of culturally charged encounters that materialise through the local environments and social relationships she inhabits.  It is in this sense that Alana’s practice is less about producing an art work and more about putting art to work.

Her work has taken place within Australia, South Asia, Europe and North America.


Works being commented by Alana Hunt
No works curated in year 2016.