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Gal Kirn

Gal Kirn is finishing his dissertation in philosophy at the Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Arts and Sciences (Ljubljana), where he combines the research on the contemporary French philosophy (especially on Louis Althusser) with the history of the emergence of revolutionary Yugoslavia and its tragic break-up. He was an editor of the journal Agregat (2005-2008) and a researcher at the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht (2008-10), where he organized a series of international conferences on Yugoslavia and self-management urbanism, Yugoslavian black wave cinema and Althusser. In his hometown Ljubljana he participates in the Workers’-Punks’ University, which sets up a platform of events: lectures, film seminars and reading groups. He is a co-editor (with Dubravka Sekulić and Žiga Testen) of the book Yugoslav Black Wave Cinema and Its Transgressive Moments (JvE Academie, 2012), an editor of the book Postfordism and its discontents (JvE Academie, B-Books and Mirovni Inštitut, 2010) and a co-editor (with Gašper Kralj and Bojana Piškur) of New public spaces. Dissensual political and artistic practices in the post-Yugoslav context (JvE Academie and Moderna Galerija, 2009). He comments on politics in the Slovenian weekly Objektiv. Currtenly he researches on socialist modernist memorial sites in Berlin, at Institute of Cultural Inquiry.  



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