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Author(s): patrick doan
Country: Canada
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Description of idea

\"Noise\" comments on the current state of the televised media industry, and the dissonance that transpires as a result from loss of information integrity. Many of today\'s news broadcasts have become unilateral in their depiction of world events and social issues - it is time that we as a people recognize this insidious direction and engage ourselves in reforming the warped views being projected onto the silver screen.

The video starts off with rapid cuts to recent news broadcasts. Gradually, a cacophony of voices is heard in tandem with the increasing speed of channel surfing. As the noise climaxes and reaches its apex, a brief silence bridges the next scene: the silence is finally broken by rays of bright light, shattering the screen. A hopeful glow emanates from the resulting fragments, suggesting a certain optimism in the vast space of opportunities layed wide open.


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