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In Debt as communicators?

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[ You need to allow cookies on our site, to be able to see this video / embeded content. ]

David Graeber author of Debt- first 5000 years, one of the texts we use in this years Friendly competition outlines, is interviewed by Uprising Radio. Graeber speaks about the history of Debt, its current role and also about the Occupy movement in which he was involved from the very beginning.

The other video is his lecture on the same theme. Both are very well worth watching. Graeber is a incredibly lucid thinker and excellent and many times hilarious speaker.

The question by which his investigations seem to be inspired is: What is the cause of the terrible moral power that Debt, the idea of Debt has over people?

Another important question to ask is: how came that our societies are so very protective to creditors and so violent to debtors, even people became indebted by force in the first place?

I have just finished to work with my students on the issue of Debt. One of the questions we have been trying to answer is how is communication- visual communication, how is design connected with Debt? Are we as communicators in Debt, are we creating Debt and what is the relation between Debt and Gift in the perspective of socially responsive communication?

We have a bit more than two weeks to go till the deadline - May 20th. I cant wait to see and read what you all will come up with as a response to DEBT. It is very important that you participate and contribute to the discussions on Debt. It is very important that you contribute to the discussions on socially responsive communication.

Here again our festival outlines: http://www.memefest.org/en/competition/intro/


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