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1 week ago

There is a reason we call each other "comrades" and not "friends" on the Memefest network.

Here a new book From Jodi Dean: Comrade
An Essay on Political Belonging

When people say “comrade”, they change the world

In the twentieth-century millions of people across the globe addressed each other as “comrade”. Now, it’s more common to hear talk of “allies” on the left than it is of comrades. In Comrade, Jodi Dean insists that this shift exemplifies the key problem with the contemporary left: the substitution of political identity for a relation of political belonging that must be built, sustained, and defended.

In Comrade, Dean offers a theory of the comrade. Comrades are equals on the same side of a political struggle. Voluntarily coming together in the struggle for justice, their relationship is characterised by discipline, joy, courage, and enthusiasm. Considering the generic egalitarianism of the comrade in light of differences of race and gender, Dean draws from an array of historical and literary examples such as Harry Haywood, C.L.R James, Alexandra Kollontai, and Doris Lessing. She argues that if we are to be a left at all, we have to be comrades.


6 days, 22 hours ago
Thanks Oliver, sounds like an interesting essay. Especially for those of us who grew up with this notion of camerade.
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2 weeks, 2 days ago

"I really like the italian couple Eva nad Marco Mattes:
There are clas..."

3 weeks, 4 days ago

"During the introduction of a recent speech by Donald Trump at Turning Point USA Teen Student Action Summit, someone — reportedly by accident and has since been fired from Turning Point — pasted into the slides a 2016 faux seal created by Charles Leazott that features an eagle holding wads of cash and golf clubs with a ribbon that says, in Spanish, “45 is a Puppet”. Score one for the resistance."


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1 month ago

Walk. An intervention in public space.

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1 month ago


1 month, 1 week ago

For those who are interested in how to build and run a small social network site, certainly an alternative to Facebook or Twitter, here is a great guide:


"Keeping the social network sites small is essential for customization that will meet everyone's needs. Kazemi doesn't suggest going over 100 users. Smaller communities are easier to manage both technically and socially, but it also creates an intimacy where it's possible to know everyone in the group, creating a truly private, curated space. "

Full article here:


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1 month, 2 weeks ago

Food Democracy is sold out!

2 months ago

Donald Weber writes about photography as a discipline, profession and practice, which still has a long journey to make for to be able to think the conditions of its own production. This work is part of a larger body of work Donald and I are developing, one day it will be a book. A next text related to the ideas Donald is talking about here is in the making. Highly recommended reading!


oliver commented on Memefest's blogpost Global Liberal Media Please
2 months ago

"@Bernadette- you mean from 'Global Liberal Media" into "Democratic Media"?..."

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2 months, 1 week ago

"Thanks for this SanFrancisco- if you have any more examples on Culture Jamming coming from Argentina..."

2 months, 1 week ago

The Baffler on Spotify and how its main value for brands and advertisers is to know really a lot about our emotional states via their mood based playlists.


3 months ago

There is several reasons I am posting this. First, it is time to bring this wonderful text, the original text by Mark Dery, which first theorized the term Culture Jamming - in fact Dery has coined the term- to you.

So here is: Culture Jamming: Hacking, Slashing, and Sniping in the Empire of Signs


I find the concept of Culture jamming still very useful, although the practice of CJ was in the last two decades abused, coopted, critiqued for being just an empty fashion etc. I always thought that in order to do it well, Culture Jamming needs superb understanding of communication, design and art in relation to meaning making in our media, well in the world.

Now, the media has changed and changed again, and the question is how is Culture jamming useful in the current social media, surveillance driven media sphere. But it is and even if we engage just in the visual graphic part, it can do "something".

So what can it do today, I am asking you? And this is what I aim to start figuring out more with my master of communication design students here at RMIT. As part of a set of semiotic strategies, named Re:Coding we will look into that. But I would need your help- what are good examples of CJ, what are good CURRENT examples of CJ? How would you run a project on CJ with students?

Here is a video of one that I love from our friend Vladimir Turner, and the whole project is here:


Any ideas and examples would be welcome.

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3 months, 2 weeks ago

What great memories! Culture jamming 2002, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Perhaps the first culture jamming action in Slovenia- in a night action we jammed a national campaign on the importance of brands and branding. Big Slovenian brands had billboards all over in order to promote the value of brands and the importance of buying well known brands.

We used a stencil and jammed billboards on major crossroads or other prominent locations. This was in the middle of the process for the first Memefest and in no minor way we were influenced by the Culture Jamming concepts and culture in thinking about our first festival. Especially No Logo by Naomi Klein and the Adbusters magazine were important at that time.

3 months, 2 weeks ago
3 months, 2 weeks ago
Thanks sgnlr- what are you up to these days? Have you been doing any interventions recently? Also, did you check the links I gave you in relation to doing a PhD in Melbourne?
4 months, 2 weeks ago

This is such a cool text: 101 Ways to Play With the Mainstream, Culture Jamming as subversive recreation, by Tom Liacas.

Written at the height of the popularity of Culture jamming it is highly relevant as it speaks from within the very cultures that created the phenomenon. Still now, CJ is a widely used practice and in my opinion should be taught, perhaps under the banner "Re-Coding" to students. To be a good Jammer means to be a super good communicator/ designer/ media manipulator. Its much more difficult that it seams, but most of all, it really is fun.
Check it out, I have given it to read to some of my students for their research project in the masters of communication design.


4 months, 1 week ago
Here is also the link to the whole book and you can download the chapters:

4 months, 1 week ago

Hey here is my new paper that is just published and available on the link bellow:

Extradisciplinary risk-taking: Design education as institutional critique

Abstract: Risk in education in the creative field of communication design is usually seen in connection with creativity as subjective expression and innovation as desired impact. This article positions risk in relation to the political in design education. It puts forward the argument that a particular type of risk-taking in education can work towards shifting design from a position of a service-providing activity towards a more emancipated practice, which would not comply with the pressures of neoliberal capitalism. To counter the current state of compliance this article suggests a three-level model of extradisciplinary risk-taking as institutional critique. The case of Memefest and Design Futures is discussed. Theoretical analysis is combined with (auto) ethnography and qualitative research.


Image by my friend Sandy Kaltenborn (www.image-shift.net)

If you cant access the paper online because your institution cant afford to pay for the journal subscription or because you are not an academic and cant access this or for what ever reason write to me: oliver AT memefest.org

Of course I would appreciate any of your thoughts and comments!

5 months, 2 weeks ago

an interesting approach on how we supposedly have to eat. from our father in celestial academics "the lancet" https://eatforum.org/eat-lancet-commission/

5 months, 2 weeks ago
Thanks for this amigo, this is really interesting. It is a long document, I will need a bit of time to dig into it! Whats your opinion on it?
5 months, 2 weeks ago
i think it doesn't go to the foundations of the problem. i agree with principal notes, but i believe it has at least two "colonizational streamforces". there is no place for a discusion on the political economics that understand all the food industries, that is: the persecution of profits (we can talk here about all the crimes that international enterprises like monsanto has commited against the people worldwide). onnthe other hand, i think that the change in world population diet has to evolve, hand to hand, with the development of the individuals potencials. this last is, indeed, forbiden by the development of the neoliberalism. so, we cannot talk about the world safest diet if we dont talk about new forms of democracy.
5 months, 4 weeks ago

You Give Apps Sensitive Personal Information. Then They Tell Facebook.
Wall Street Journal testing reveals how the social-media giant collects a wide range of private data from developers; ‘This is a big mess’

"The social-media giant collects intensely personal information from many popular smartphone apps just seconds after users enter it, even if the user has no connection to Facebook, according to testing done by The Wall Street Journal. The apps often send the data without any prominent or specific disclosure, the testing showed."


5 months, 4 weeks ago
We need a memefest app!!!
5 months, 4 weeks ago

You Give Apps Sensitive Personal Information. Then They Tell Facebook.
Wall Street Journal testing reveals how the social-media giant collects a wide range of private data from developers; ‘This is a big mess’

"The social-media giant collects intensely personal information from many popular smartphone apps just seconds after users enter it, even if the user has no connection to Facebook, according to testing done by The Wall Street Journal. The apps often send the data without any prominent or specific disclosure, the testing showed."

5 months, 4 weeks ago
We should talk about it comrade. Our current web site is designed for computers and not smart phones. Slow media, not instant. We plan to do some improvements, but of course we can't compete with the technology of Facebook. Yes, a Memefest app would be great. But I am not sure how we could make this as we don't have the money. Do you have any ideas how could we approach this?
6 months ago

A must read!

"The heavy atoms in cameras will continue to be replaced with bits of weightless software, shrinking them down to microscopic dots scanning the environment 24 hours a day. The mirrorworld will be a world governed by light rays zipping around, coming into cameras, leaving displays, entering eyes, a never-­ending stream of photons painting forms that we walk through and visible ghosts that we touch. The laws of light will govern what is possible.

New technologies bestow new superpowers. We gained super speed with jet planes, super healing powers with antibiotics, super hearing with the radio. The mirrorworld promises super vision. We’ll have a type of x-ray vision able to see into objects via their virtual ghosts, exploding them into constituent parts, able to untangle their circuits visually. Just as past generations gained textual literacy in school, learning how to master the written word, from alphabets to indexes, the next generation will master visual literacy. A properly educated person will be able to create a 3D image inside of a 3D landscape nearly as fast as one can type today. They will know how to search all videos ever made for the visual idea they have in their head, without needing words. The complexities of color and the rules of perspective will be commonly understood, like the rules of grammar. It will be the Photonic Era."


6 months, 1 week ago

Listen to the new episode of Team Human by Douglas Rushkoff, here in conversation with Geert Lovink.

Playing for Team Human today: media activist and scholar Geert Lovink. Geert will be helping us see how an understanding of the political economy is not enough. We have to reacquaint ourselves with the experiential layer of our humanity and even reclaim our sadness to counter the stultifying effects of platform capitalism. Today, when our sources of information are intimately intertwined with our social lives, it’s not as simple as just “going offline.” How can we overcome the anti-human agendas embedded in our technology?

Today’s show reaches back to the origins of what became known as “tactical media” — using interactive media to promote the human agenda. Geert makes the case for reawakening this sensibility. You can learn more about Geert at networkedcultures.org and discover his forthcoming book Sad By Design: On Platform Nihilism.


6 months, 1 week ago
Here is the right link to Geert Lovink's institute for network Cultures http://networkcultures.org/




Stephen Hass

Birth year







From creativity, art and design to environment to politics to advertising to social to lifestyle to awareness to education to history to vision to present moment action in the day to day and year to year!

Lets collaborate and achieve greatness far beyond that an individual is capable of, while enriching self-journey and togetherness.

Visual Communication Designer, Graphic Designer, Graphic Artist, Artist, Graffiti/Mural Photographer, Gaming Commentator.

I have joined the Memfest community becasue i am interested in

In-depth approaches to many different situations and areas on a global scale and local scale. Making a more in-depth journey to the root of something and understanding how to best create, make, maintain, change or improve that something, is aided by being in the Memefest community.


Graphic Design and Visual Communication Design. Southbank Institute of Technology and Griffith University Queensland College of Art. Self-taught illustration artist.

Working place

Brisbane, Australia

Music I like

All music. Top three genres are electronic dj mixes, rap, and alternative rock.

Books I like

Stephen is thankful he bought the book "Indebted To Intervene critical lessons in debt, communication, art & theoretical practice by Oliver Vodeb and Nikola Janovic Kolenc". Stephen thinks Indebted To Intervene is a unique and refreshing book that helps to add more elements of thinking and consideration on important topics. And holds memories of Stephen as a University student during the memefest debt theme.

Brisbane Zines are becoming more interesting to Stephen as he explores more options and possibilities for sustainable growth and community networks.

Manage Your Day-To-Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus & Sharpen Your Creative Mind by 99u.com

Thinking in Systems (2008)

New book looks like a good one to read! Design in the Borderlands (2014) by Eleni Kalantidou and Tony Fry.

Films I like

Blade Runner (1982)
Blade Runner 2049 (2017)
Atomic Blonde (2017)
Seven Years in Tibet (1997)
Sam Dillemans: The Madness in The Detail.
Monsters (2010)(first film by Gareth Edwards!)
The Tunnel (2011)(Carlo Ledesma Crowd-Funded!!!
Avatar (2009)(based on struggles of Amazon Rainforest and Indigenous People)
Journey To The Center Of The Earth(1959)
The Room (2003) LOL
HOME (Environment Documentary 2009 free to watch on YouTube)
Promised Land (2012)(Natural gas topic)

Communication projects I like

CollaboNation by Jess Bush.
Casualties of War (Limited edition box set of 4 action figures) by Dorothy - UK based studio.
(100 Places to Remember Before they Disappear)
Unreal Tournament 4 Pre Alpha by Epic Games, free to play, open source collaboration. www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament
Unreal Engine 4
eSports growth direction is amazing but sustainability resource products for it is concerning (VR, computer screens, mouses, headsets etc)
Interactive Game Streaming a world first technology evolution/revolution currently in development!

Websites I like

www.philosophicalsociety.com (I should visit Philosophical Society more regularly...)
www.suicidegirls.com (Pinup style modeling/alternative social network, suicidegirls is not pornography)

People I like

James Victore
Ken Garland
Gemma O’Brien
Peeta-3D Artist
Eleni Kalantidou
Tony Fry
Oliver Vodeb
Robert Henderson
David Sargent
Jennie Jackson
Manfred Huber
John Tarlton

and Family