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Public Service

The following is a research-project on various aspects of contemporary public service undertaken by Doublethink. In an attempt to comprehend this popular term, find out who it's for and who it's from we came up with 8 alternative abstractions on how to understand and study it.


11 years, 10 months ago
Project details

Author(s):Jakob Ohrt and Christian N. Halsted


United Kingdom (Great Britain)


How does project benefit the client (if there is a client)?
No client.

How does project benefit the people you are speaking to with your communication?
Reflections, perspectives and questions.

How does project benefit the wider society?
Reflections, perspectives and questions.

How did/does this project benefit author (authors/makers of the project)?
The project resulting in a lot of feedback, debate, new acquaintances from around the world and the project was portrayed in the book "Art and Agenda" published by Gestalten in Berlin.

Tell us something about your view on communication. What is your / your organisation's / initiative's (visual) communication philosophy?
Doublethink’s intention is to gather different viewpoints of contemporary life within the realms of conceptual art, social science and alternative and investigational approaches to cultural abstractions.

What about the process of creating this work? Please describe it.
Learning by doing. After one project, we talk about what we learned and from that create the next project.

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