Memefest audio tracks

Audio tracks are available in .mp3 format in following languages:
- english
- german
- slovenian
- portuguese
- bosnian
- serbian

Memefest poster 2007

Available in following formats:
- Memefest poster 2007 (.PDF)
- Memefest poster 2007 (.JPG)
A printable .pdf version of selected works from first three years Memefest:

An animation of Memefest winners in 2006:

- animation_of_memefest_06 awarded_

Open Meme is a gift. We selected a blend of socially beneficial memes that have been submitted in the past festival years to Memefest and created a online poster archive for worldwide use. You can download them for free and you can use them in your local environment for your eye opening communications campaigns

Print your own memestuff and help us disseminate ideas...

Stuff download for print and web

Memefest Zebra sticker

Sticker is available in Adobe Reader format:
- meme zebra (.PDF)

Memefest stickers

Stickers are available in Adobe Reader format:
- bordo red(.PDF)
- ordinary red (.PDF)

Memefest logos

Vector logos are available in these various formats:
- (Adobe Illustrator)
- logos.eps (Enhanced Postscript)
- logos.wmf (Windows Metafile)
- logos.emf (Enhanced Metafile)
- logos.fla (Flash)

Bitmap logo is available in these formats:
- logo.psd (Adobe Photoshop)
- logo.tif (TIFF file)
- logo.gif (Internet standard)

Resizing by 50% / 200% is recommended. Use "Nearest Neighbor" resampling when resizing.