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Journal of Journal Performance Studies


Description of campaign/project

Journal of Journal Performance Studies (JJPS) is appropriate for the Beyond category as a result of its integrated approach to the question of academic communication. Consisting of satire, in the form of a Firefox extension, new forms of distribution and artistic representation, in the form of an internet-based radio station, and an active attempt to perform new forms of scholarly communication, JJPS involves people in the work by incorporating the extension into their daily activities, by enabling them to experience new forms of academic communication distribution by listening to the online radio, and by reading and potentially submitting works to the future issues of the journal.

Journal of Journal Performance Studies (JJPS) is a series of three interrelated works that engage with academic publishing. The project consists of a Firefox extension, an online radio, and a journal. The JJPS Firefox Extension overlays bibliometric data, graphs of journal ownership, and journal cost onto publisher websites. The extension also replaces advertisements on scholarly sites to provide a glimpse into the future of scholarly distribution. JJPS Radio is designed as a fully-automated internet radio station, presenting recitations of articles in our database of hundreds, translations of texts into sound, and news and views important for the study of journal performance. JJPS Radio suggests not only new methods for the dispersion of academic work, but also re-purposes academic texts as its source material. The Journal is an experiment in the propagation of scholarly work. The hope is that the journal will develop into an ongoing project on the limits of contemporary intellectual representation.

See http://journalofjournalperformancestudies.org/journal/index.php/jjps/article/view/6/6 and http://journalofjournalperformancestudies.org/journal/index.php/jjps/article/view/4/4 .

See http://journalofjournalperformancestudies.org/journal/index.php/jjps/article/view/5/5

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An interesting, complex, provocative, useful project. It’s good to see the power tentacles of academic publishing revealed through a convenient Firefox extension. I’m also glad that in your article you brought Academic Search Engine Optimization to light. As a general consumer of Google search results, I don’t think much about the perniciousness of page ranking optimization, but as someone working in academia it gives me serious pause. It isn’t surprising given the well-known privatization of education we’ve been witnessing in recent decades, but it is eerie seeing it pursued on the micro-logical level.

What will it take for universities and other tenure-granting post-secondary institutions to change their reliance on traditional peer-review scholarly journals towards a more open source model? If this were to happen, would it change anything? It seems the academic world is no more and no less a reflection of the society that authorizes it and the power distribution network within which both exist. Perhaps it isn’t a question of traditional journal vs. open source, but rather the University vs. the Internet. I’m not a techno-optimist by any means, but I think disseminated and distributed intelligence has more potential to counter the forces of defuturing that the consolidated knowledge of our largely centralized universities. So any efforts to reveal and shift, as JJPS seems to be attempting, it to be applauded.

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Journal of Journal Performance Studies
This journal, replete with academic content and various communication mechanisms, is an excellent strategy container for pedagogic experiences.

This digital newspaper allows updating the information constantly and generating dialogs with other manifestations and institutions.
However, I would consider important to rethink the way the page is structured. In some ways it proves to be very formal, for a proposal that overflows to performative experiences in many experimental ways.

With time it is also important to allow the possibility for the application to be executable for other browser as "Chrome", "Explorer", etc.
However, it is inevitable not to think in the implementation of a Frankenstein model, that with so many contents -In a good sense- it's monstrous, disproportionate.
I must not forget that it is a tribute to "cut-out" and "fold - in" from the beat generation, applied to a Journal.

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8 years, 3 months ago

This journal has always been a useful space for considering a number of important cross-sections between analysis, social framing, and a call to action, that do not always support each other. But in the best moment a frission between the above threesome creates new cognitive maps. That is not a bad thing at all.

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Journal of Journal Performance Studies



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Nicholoas Knouf

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Information Science, Cornell University