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critical writing

Instincts on debt

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With conscious living you can get beyond dogma. You can make personal and community choices about what we give and what we receive in this world. Dogma breeds hatred and the debates about the rightness or wrongness of debt creates only more righteousness. The opposite of debt is unconditionally, a principle that the most loving parents struggle to provide for their own children. Only the blindly ignorant would pursue such an organising system for humanity. The Ecuadorians kept some debt, wrote off other debt, their choices sought integrity in themselves and their debtors.

dogma, idealism, conscious living

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The text can be read as a manifesto on balance and personal integrity. The visionary dimension of this essay holds a lot of potential. Starting from an intriguing opposition between debt (as a conditional logic) and its opposite unconditionality author advocates for an alternative way of building social relationship between people that would be based on balance, and most of all integrity. There is perhaps one transition that would be needed to worked upon: if Ecquador is one positive example, then this cannot be understood without not only integrity of different persons, but also formulating some ideas that resulted in new political forms, which then got its own dynamic, which cannot be reduced to personal integrity.

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A brief, but insightful essay on the erosion of morality imposed by rising debt levels, repeatedly emphasizing the importance to bring awareness to the fact that modern capitalism has become an ignorant subconscious behavior. Encouraging people to grow beyond our oversimplified dogmatic tendencies of to think in the absolute terms of capitalism and socialism.

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Instincts on debt

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Brendan Ross

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critical writing

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ActionAid Denmark. I manage a series of youth training centres in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Central America.