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Best works - commented by curators

Value Quest Bourse
by Urtica


About gallery 2012

Here they are - the results from our Friendly competition 2012! The submitted projects from 35 Countries were thoroughly reviewed in two rounds. First, the shortlist was curated by Oliver Vodeb. Than by our carefully chosen curators and editors composed of distinguished educators, artists, media activists, researchers, theoreticians and professionals from the spheres of social theory and humanities, design, arts and social communication. Each member of our editorial and curatorial board selected seven works in the categories Visual communication practice and Beyond... and five in the category Critical writing and gave profound feedback in written form.

This Memefest approach allows us to analyse submitted works interdisciplinary and from different perspectives and develop a contextualised and more holistic picture of the quality of the works. There is no one winner, but there is a number of works that have been curated and edited and are therefore considered as the best from this years friendly competition. Our feedback should be read in relation to our profiles and after carefully analysing the original submission.

Now is your turn! Check out the works, read the curators comments and feel free to add yours!