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Komplex, 28



Description of campaign/project

K28 is a urban storytelling based on Augmented Reality. We use a marketing tool to disrupt the urban surfaces of the city and to seed inside them a symbolic story about our present times.
The viewer using AR reveals the story and peeps inside an invisible city hidden in his/her reality.
It's an experience very similar to "THEY LIVE", the movie of J. Carpenter. It' a story about power and mind control, drones an banksters. 28 is the numerical sum of the word M.AF.I.A. and it Multiple ArtiFicial Intelligence Algoritmic.

We use the same marketing platform of Aurasma, but instead to pop up a graphic gimmick out of a brand we pop out the storytelling from the signs and sightseeing of the city.
The experience is sharable. We disrupt the most advanced marketing tool to propel a conspiracy vision of reality.

We focus on a simple concept and action: empowering the viewer as well as Alice crossed the mirror.
To reveal to Society that the surface of our reality has to be scanned and permutated to understand what is beyond and beneath it. The city is not simply a cage, is a place that can be metamorphosed.

The using of the city as a polymorphic screen, a perfect place to hide and to reveal and to tell about the secrets of our reality.

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The question of storytelling and new types of lettering-in this case AG does not always work well, not because it is not being done correctly-but because not enough encounters with it have occurred to move the "lettering" device into the everyday. So it is important to have these types of gestures happen everyday a little more, so that a language that can be both narrative and critical, can also mark conditions for action and intervention-along with invention.

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Other comments

7 years ago

the everyday use of Augmented Reality is related to brand strategies or to disruptive activities; like in our case. IN many sense we were not able in the condition in which we were to openly represent what we see of our reality. K28, is a work about the endless spaces in which the global criminal powers move. They are so advanced in terms of control and submission of society that every conspiratorial fresco we can imagine is for sure not so far from reality itself.

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Komplex, 28


A paranoid mystery tour

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Mariano Equizzi

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Writer, director, shooter and augmented reality maker.




Paolo Bigazzi

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Sound Designer & Composer & Music Producer



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Luca Liggio

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Digital Video Producer, web manager,



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Sofia, writer and director