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visual communication practice

First World Problems

Description of idea

Describe your idea and concept of your work in relation to the festival outlines:

The communication is a two step process. In the first poster there is the initial impact of the irony found in developed nations. The second poster reveals an unsuspecting blow to their ego. The approach is very direct and makes the viewer aware of their own behaviour (if applicable) as well as the condition of those who are less fortunate.

What kind of communication approach do you use?

I have used printed stickers as my communication approach. These are to be adhered to elevators on the inside and outside.

What are in your opinion concrete benefits to the society because of your communication?

I feel that society would benefit from this bold advertising strategy because most charity ads take you on a guilt trip and I have tried to approach the problem from a different angle. Images of impoverished children and drought ridden landscapes don’t always work for everybody yet the need for everyone to donate what they can is high. There is an element of humour which is not found in most charity advertisements which I think people will find refreshing. The emphasis is on self which the viewer is very familiar with and this approach will hopefully entice those who wouldn’t normally donate to give back now that they realise the scale of their problems compared to others.

What did you personally learn from creating your submitted work?

In the process of creating this campaign I have learned that there is no one size fits all when it comes to convincing people to take action. Also it’s important and unfortunate in todays world that we need to use previous memories of popular culture to entice people to glance at your message. The big bold letters of I hate my job as well as the memorable logos of social media outlets get the foot in the door and from there the advertiser has only a few seconds to make a lasting impact and inform the public on what’s really important.

Why is your work, GOOD communication WORK?

I would consider my work good advertising design because it informs the public of a noncommercial idea. There is a dialog between the viewer and campaign in which the viewer has the opportunity to visit the web link by scanning the QR code in the elevator itself and donating some money to whichever charity they choose. (The website is non existing for the purpose of the brief)

Where and how do you intent do implement your work?

The campaign would be most effective on the elevators of office buildings on the front and the inside.

Did your intervention had an effect on other Media. If yes, describe the effect? (Has other media reported on it- how? Were you able to change other media with your work- how?)



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First World Problems



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Divya Goski

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Concept and Design



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visual communication practice

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Swinburne Institute of Technology/ Faculty of Health, Arts and Design/ Bachelor of Design (Communication Design)