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Being a gipsy, an immigrant or simply a social reject in Rome means to live in a daily situation of abandon, stigmas and lack of future perspectives.
Being an informal recycler without any recognition in Rome is the evident sign of exclusion from social and professional opportunities and a symptom of a larger context of urban degradation.

the video was realized for a crowdfounding campaign that pointed at collecting the money necessary to build up, organize and start in Rome from September 2014 a legally recognized recycling market where to expose and sell goods.
we aimed at convincing the the public opinion that their work is a worthy and dignified effort to fight social and professional marginalization, based on a sustainable practice.

Not all the benefits can be phisically percived.
In this case no concrete benefits. indeed the video didn't bring the right founding to the project and we are using different comunication strategies to achieve our ibjectives.

the video self explains itself.

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While this work does not create an experimental documentary form, something I really like to push with this type of work.

It is more important the gesture really becomes more about adding to the informal economies made necessary by the marginalization of the community. This attempt to even expand the market for these communities via the funds used to develop the project are more what give it more weight.

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Roma recycling market campaign

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We change name on a project base and we don't really exibit.