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12 years, 6 months ago

New Memefest WEB

Good news: After months of discussions, conceptualization, design and now programming, this platform is not far away from being finished and ready to use. There are several improvements from the old web site.

The most important one is obviously the social- networking community part. Everyone will be able to create his/her own communication environment where personal contacts and a public discourse meet. There is many things that you will be able to do. For one there is the possibility to write blogs. The blog posts will than be of course read by your comrades within your network but at the same time this posts will be published in our Openblog platform for anyone (meaning also visitors who do not create personal profiles) to read. You can post original content or you can import content from other blogs via rss. But that's just one thing. Have a look for yourself and find out...

As for the whole networking part- we think that social relations are important and they should be held in open independent environments and not in commercial spaces like Facebook and this is such a space. Here you are not a digital laborer!

There are other important new things everyone can use. Take for example the project part. In this space we want to build a archive of radical communication projects. We will put special emphasis on project dimensions that are usually left without attention. Like for example the question "How did your project benefit the wider society?" It's a simple question, but in general not that easy to answer. It will be interesting to see what kind of projects will be posted, how the authors will articulate it and what the community will think about them.

There is also the function that allows you to ask other community members, the ones that you respect, to comment on your work. And also, a function that allows you to reblog other blog posts.

We don't want to get to long in this news post, but we are kinda excited. Have a look at the newly organized galleries, with works from previous festival years. There are many, many exciting works that you can study.

More things will be added through time, like the knowledge part, where 5 different editors will pick up the best from the fields of art, philosophy, sociology, communication studies, pedagogy and design.

So, welcome to this new space and enjoy your time. We hope to see you around often,maybe we will even become friends....or as we prefer to call it : comrades. :)

ps: If you experience any problems on this website or if you have some questions or comments about it, please send an email to web@memefest.org. Thanks!

12 years, 7 months ago

Curators and editors

We are in the process of forming our new hand picked curatorial and editorial board that will review and feedback on your submissions. You can have a look at who is already on board in the curators and editors section.

However note, that this list is not definitive yet. We will complete the list till mid October- latest!