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leaving a world behind


Well, the whole memefest topic swirls around love and control. This is quite connected if you look from the right angles and find the correct examples to support those angles :)
I would just like to try a blog, since I have never wrote one. I actually do not know the aim of a blog: do you bother people? - I guess not, because you are writing and they must bother themselves, in order to read all the thoughts you put on the virtual sheet.
I just had this glimpse of a sort of love-like feeling. I wrote in the title 'leaving a world behind' and I mean it this way. I actually just finished a 4-5 months period abraod as a student, where I was on an exchange in Norway. I not just went to school, passed some exams and went to the library - no! I met new people, I experienced new and touching moments, I was on my own, I visited places I might never see in my life again or ever. And this is now behind me. I left it behind. Little that i know, I closed a chapter and it didn't feel nice at all. It is like I left a piece of me in Norway and among the people I was hanging out with.
All the time people start and end chapters in their own lives, sometimes not even knowing it. Maybe the latter is better, since knowing hurts. Love hurts, in its own terrible and soft way. I left a world, I entered another world, I am writing a new chapter of my life, with a new amount and way of love. I am in control again, but the past keeps telling me that shall stay with me, not to forget the beautiful moments I had.
Love, any kind of love, must be cherished and nurtured, but in a controlled way, because it can immediately get out of control and you get stuck inside of your own mourning.


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