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design, illustration, infographix - http://slaveryfootprint.org/


Check out this new web page and app that seems to serve as an awareness raising tool about slavery by indexing your 'slavery footprint'.


I'm happy to see that it manages to break out of the usual visual language of slavery campaigns featuring guilt inducing images of downtrodden people and distressed fonts with excessive use of black, red, and orange.

Instead it uses upbeat colours and perky illustrated infographics and pictograms to guide you through a well designed series of questions asking about your consumption habits.

I enjoyed using the site and found it to be quite cool and interesting. I was relieved that I wasn't overtly scalded for being an awful person perpetuating an in-just world. However I was hoping that it might give more personalised data based on the questions I had answered, instead I was presented with what felt like general information about slavery that might not have needed me to take 10 minutes to fill out 12 questions.

The process could be two or three questions shorter as I did lose interest at one point and only came back an hour later to finish - mostly because I wanted to discuss it here on this Memefest forum. I also feel that it could make it easier to take action after completing the survey and seeing the results.

I'm interested to hear other peoples thoughts on this site and specifically if you think this manages to avoid a guilt based discourse that gets people to act by making them feel bad, or, is this just using a different illustration style and a fresher palette but operating on the same principles?


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11 years, 7 months ago

the concept is excellent
was it made in HTML5?
i'm still fighting hard to find Argentina's ZIP code..


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