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Great projects demand a bit more time on our side


We are almost there, but we will have to wait one more week for the definitive decision on the Memefest/Griffith University Queensland College of Art Award for Imaginative Critical Intervention.

George Petelin, Tony Fry and I have been discussing and reviewing your wonderful and strong works submitted to this years festival and the more we discussed the more it became clear that this will be a unique opportunity and that the original workshop concept needs to be expanded in order to maximise our intervention's impact.

Few new things regarding our new theorist/designer/artist in residence program and the interventionist workshop. The first thing is that there will be actually two workshops. One bigger and one smaller. The second thing is that we will have ten days to work together and to have fun. The dates right now reserved for this are November 15th - November 25th 2012. The third thing is that besides bringing one person from each Friendly competition category to Brisbane, we will invite also members of the local Brisbane community. People who showed substantial engagement in to matters that are relevant for Memefest and QCA. And fourth: we will continue to work on the theme DEBT also in the workshops.

We need a bit more time to make the curatorial decisions. We ask you for some more patience. Definitive results will be published next Friday August 17th. We are very excited about this and the possibilities that we see. Soon...

In the mean time, have a look again at the submissions to this years festival here: http://tinyurl.com/8d4r6fw


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