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International Press Agency @Oddstream festival or Creative Model “6xC”



On the 28th of May 2k11 we have started gathering at Vasim (http://www.devasim.nl/), Nijmegen (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nijmegen). Next two days we were trained for group working. Jumping ropes, playing kind of human minesweeper ...

The Issue of the 100% Male Conference Panel


I was one who asked the male panel at Memefest's Festival of Radical Communications 'Inspiration day' why there were no women presenters. I think it's worth unpacking this topic a little with the intention of helping Memefest develop ...

Tired, but really, really, really inspired.


ODD is a breaking point.
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it's not allowed to tick ...

Oddstream, the first few days


A personal reflection and some photos of the first few days of Oddstream. Much more soon...


Hopenhagen: Design Activism as an Oxymoron


Abstract for the Design History Society conference Design Activism and Social Change. See blog for more pictures and links: http://ecolabs.posterous.com/

Hopenhagen was an initiative by the International Advertising Association in support of the United Nations at the ...

what about now?


Should we be asking ourselves if the natural and political events have a certain pattern? I think not.
There is no way, nature and politics work as a team - no way! But we could exclude the team work and talk ...

REFF AR Youth Program


REFF AR Youth Program is a special program of Education & Learning enacted by REFF to ensure the immediate distribution of its Augmented Rreality Drug to young generations.

The Program consists in a series of theoretical and practical workshops exploring the ...


Open blog is a collective blog agregator.  Posts that can be read and viewed here have been originally posted by members of the Memefest community.

While members of the community  are able to check blog posts from the circle of their comrades within the on-line profile, this is the place where you are able to check on everything that has been bloged by anyone on this platform. The toppics and styles are diverse as this community consists of people from very different cultural, social backgrounds and also very different fields of expertice. Together- and through time- we hope – this gives us a good picture of radical communication culture.