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I guess I am stuck in this blogal warning era and area. Still thinking of power and love.
Power is actually achievable through many means: money, strength, fear, intelligence...Power is also measurable - it is also a physical entity and ...

blogal warning


Where did the whole global warming issue and media coverage disappear? I think it is not an issue anymore. Maybe they fixed it. I seem to see only riots in the countries of the Middle East and preparation for song ...

Street Art and critical statements


I've just found (via the friends at The Influencers) an extremely interesting article on the censoring of a Blu's wall at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.
It underlines many crucial points about the commercial/critical ...

Decoding Visual Media: Representations of Nature in Popular Culture


I am interested in how representations of Nature in the media and popular culture effect our attitudes towards Nature. I would like to study this phenomenon and could use some help from you, yes you reader. I need more examples ...

Choose and be damned.


Suddenly, in the digital age, a personal decision like logging off Facebook is not in my hands anymore. It is inextricably linked to my “friends”, work, groups and notes. It does not matter if I continue to gag over photographs ...



Love is un-desrcibable, some say it does not exist, some say it is the best thing that could happen to a person, mothers would admit that the love for a child is an amazing feeling...being in love is also ...

BOOKS for Vijecnica - Action project, Bosnia and Herzegovina


I just received this email. Let's do something!

Dear Sir/Madam,

BOOKS4VIJECNICA is an action project, initiated by Humanity in Action Senior Fellow Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our initiative is to re-establish the destroyed book collection of Vijecnica ...


Open blog is a collective blog agregator.  Posts that can be read and viewed here have been originally posted by members of the Memefest community.

While members of the community  are able to check blog posts from the circle of their comrades within the on-line profile, this is the place where you are able to check on everything that has been bloged by anyone on this platform. The toppics and styles are diverse as this community consists of people from very different cultural, social backgrounds and also very different fields of expertice. Together- and through time- we hope – this gives us a good picture of radical communication culture.