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Communicate, Reproduce.

Tell me what you want, but there's a megaload of people in the world who is obsessed with reproduction. Spreading their own selves forever, that is, in the most traditionally fisiological way we can think of. The way of the flowers and the bees, the XXs and the XYs and so on. You know.

The whole Globalized Culture is obsessed with it: TV shows, dating sites, religious sacraments, romantic novels, economics; all revolves around the same old desire, the Big Idea that we somehow don't really die if we pass our chromosomes to the next generation and following.
Think about relationships, or love stories if you like: in the great majority of cases they all unwind along the pattern paved by the Superior Instinct - the continuation of our species. Our lives are perpetually sacrificed on its altar.

We maintain unhappy marriages for the sake of it. We submit to a mobbing, free range slavery just because we assume it's natural to feed our offspring up until their life becomes the one we would have wanted for ourselves. One offspring. A family of three.

Seriously, you're saying that I should stop doing all the things I like, and stop being free forever, just to start taking care of one child, maybe two? That the whole meaning of my presence here on this planet runs out when I finally see myself in a new little human's traits? This is getting sad.

Women and men all over the world cease to be considered a valuable member of the community after they become sterile, or when they break the code of honour that assures genetic continuity. People get killed every day for these reasons.

Don't get me wrong, I love little people, some of them are my best friends, but I would have rather had ten children and starve, than just a couple and stay well-off then.
Viviparous reproduction can make us happy. In some cases it may not be enough.
Then why not consider all the possibilities?

Because starvation is not in my agenda either, I chose for La Familia Grande.

What I'm trying to say here is simple: we can live forever, with or without biological descent.

I say let's break free and start think differently.
Let's see how we propagate through actions, ideas and microorganisms.

According to cybernetics, chaos theory and sense, none of our actions is ever detached from the universe. We can by any means maintain that We are the Universe, in a way such that if we had a 3D zooming tool to watch inside our bodies, at atomic level we would not be able to distinguish which elements belong to our flesh and which to the Whole.
In this frame of thought, does the significance of the word 'reproduction' still hold the same grip on us? Does kinship still make all that sense?
Only when we zoom out again, but just apparently.

If genes communicate biological traits through generations, then memes instruct and replicate cultural material through time.
Here, our ideas never die.

Why has killing somebody for their ideals never been a good choice? Because you can eliminate a person physically, as an organic cluster of molecules, but you cannot go back and erase that he or she has lived already. If we invent the time machine, maybe, but that would be so utterly cool that the whole killing people for their thoughts thing would hide up in shame somewhere remote in the cosmos, for how absolutely unhip it would appear.

And more.
Say I've got awesome ideas, revolutionary. Say people start listening to me, following me. Say revolutions set up because of me.
Want to kill me? Fail! Too late!
Not only those people who have been in contact with my innovating thoughts and actions will be infected forever, but even kill them all won't make you happy (assuming you as a government, for instance. Sorry).
So your only result will be that now you are a paranoid. The more you massacre the insurgents, the more they pop in front and around you. How come?
You should have eliminated all the miriads of little molecules of though that contributed to my idea.

You should have eliminated hunger.
You should have eliminated dispair.

That is what we call La Familia Grande.
The greater family of accomplishment and understanding.

You see? That's how we live forever. Our brain's activity, every little action we make can last forever.
Mind you.
Then we can still have children if we think we haven't done enough damage already.

Kiddies I love you!!!

(The microorganism part you can figure out yourself. Or I might get gross).

Flaminia Klla

A Tribute to Defectiveness

I'm networking so much lately that my emotional brain is growing
disproportionately, taking over the spoken language neurotic (sic) areas.

I went to the kitchen today, where my housemate P. was making a peanut butter/cucumber sandwich.
'Food!', I uttered.
Then immediately 'Foooood!' again, like I had awaken, at last, to the fact that I also needed to chew on something.
So I walked to the fridge and saw this crate of beer from the night before, lying on top of another crate, by the cooling machine.

'BEEEEER!' I said, with unveiled enthousiasm.
Then P. was laughing so nicely that I could not help commenting on how life could be much easier if we weren't to use so many words all the time.

Point being: it's not me doin'it wrong when losing the ability to speak, in favour of striking keys and reading lines. Or emit monosyllables and laugh.

I feel good when I speak less.
It's not just a day after the party.

More words spoken does not necessarily mean more understanding.
Interactivity does, perhaps.
Communication on many different levels.

We experience it when the space is limited, like on a forum post.
Or when dictionary is limited, like speaking a foreign language.

When functioning neurons are few.
After a party.

It's no so bad, is it? When we break the rules of grammar, when we play with letters or sounds or signs and still dig it.

The world is not given anymore, we must make an effort to find new meanings. Significance not granted, it's finally distorted so we give up all convinctions that we know it all, already.

Few elements are there, an invitation to ask. To interact.

We loose the grasp. And caress freedom.

Most likely we wouldn't have had so many wars in history if internet trolling had been invented before semantics. It could be.

So fallacious, so charmant.

That was the point.

Flaminia Klla





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