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Turning all billboards on Times Square into art



An exciting animation that makes fun of 'our' corporate world! The animation includes over 2.500 logo's. Here is just the trailer on vimeo you can find the complete animation.

Logorama explores the extent to which logos are embedded in our daily existence. Said members of H5, "Logorama presents us with an over-marketed world built only from logos and real trademarks that are destroyed by a series of natural disasters (including an earthquake and a tidal wave of oil). Logotypes are used to describe an alarming universe (similar to the one that we are living in) with all the graphic signs that accompany us everyday in our lives. This over-organized universe is violently transformed by the cataclysm becoming fantastic and absurd. It shows the victory of the creative against the rational, where nature and human fantasy triumph."

250 characters

The ability of people to express their opinion and to react on each others opinion has actually gone up the past year. The downside is that most of them think 140 characters is more than enough to express a clear, thoughtful opinion or to give a well thought respond. This post include 250 characters.

The narcissism of the artist

The past months I spoke with several people about Memefest and especially when I mentioned ' festival of radical communication' people started to wonder, what is this Memefest, where does it come from? When I said Slovenia, a person told me he was not surprised because in the old Europe (such as the Netherlands) according to him you don't have to have an opinion anymore and in the new Europe and the Balkans everyone has a more strong opinion, is more engaged with society, feels an urge to express their opinion and that's why more new forms of activism, communication and art gets develop in that part of the world. I'm not that updated to know if it is true but I recognize in Dutch society that cultural activities are often more about entertainment of the public or when it comes to art-work in many cases the art-work isn't saying, communicating anything but is just expressing the narcissism of the artist. Time for Memefest.

360 degrees projection

Today I visited the World Wide Video Festival, one of the first media-art festivals in the world that started in 1982 and organised their last festival in 2004. Nowadays they are focussing on 360 degrees panorama projections and cooperation with artists around the globe. It was an inspiring meeting and we discussed the possibility to create a 360 degrees projections related to 'love;conflict, conflict;love' Visit http://www.wwvf.nl/ to read more.





Doeko Pinxt

I have joined the Memfest community becasue i am interested in

mass-manipulation, communication, media and art


University of Cultural and Social Work


Cultural and Social Work / Audiovisual Design

Working place

Pink Sweater Productions

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