Rethinking Debt: on the Edge of True and Manipulation

by lenyss

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Rethinking Debt: on the Edge of True and Manipulation

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Lenka Klimesova

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Czech Republic

Friendly Competition

Debt. (2012)

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Critical writing

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Kunstuniversität Linz, New Media department, Interface Cultures, Austria

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ABSTRACT Paper reflects on the relation between debt and manipulation. Where is the border of real debt and when starts manipulation? Why do we need artists to point out the political situation among general public? Paper introduces a new way of thinking about the artists as serious workers to get the real freedom of expression and minimize the manipulation in general.


debt, financial, crisis, artist, work, manipulation

Editors Comments

Daniel Marcus

Thank you for your contribution, Lenka. Your ideas about how to help artists actually make a living strike me as more possible in the European context (at least until the economic catastrophe) than in the American one – Europeans usually value art more than Americans do. As you note, in a time of financial collapse, even European countries are pulling back on state support for the arts. That may not change for some time. Instead of asking for help in creating these support and organizing structures from the state, perhaps the more useful strategy is to work with others in similar situations to create your own support network and institution. Obviously, it would have to start at a smaller scale than if you received state support, but it would also preserve your independence from political authorities. Even those artists with meager resources can work together and help each other out, and implement some of the plans and activities you suggest. Working in a cooperative or collective manner can lessen senses of isolation and provide invigoration of your own art through collaboration with others. As has been said before: Do It Yourself.