Real media life stickers

I like this sticker concept. One of the better i have seen in a while. For some time it seemed to me that the imagination around the sticker medium was having troubles going beyond fun. I have reviewed thousands of stickers while being a jury member at the first international sticker award: http://www.stickeraward.net/. After the first few years of highly original sticker art/communication the concepts were getting week. I could observe this where ever i traveled- in the big cities, where sticker culture became something of a must do thing for the cool people (and advertisers)- most of the stuff was to me just funny and nice, at it's best. I missed the communicative power that this medium potentially has.

In order to go beyond fun a sticker needs to evoke engagement that plays with the social context in which it appears. That's the first rule. A sticker in it self is a highly contextual medium. This makes it so interesting.

This particular stickers speak what media experts and journalists who have to work in media already know for a very long time, while the general public is still not aware about such facts. Basically- most of today's journalism is a sad rip off. There is no research, very little knowledge and almost no integrity involved in the process of informing the public about things that are of important public value. I think this stickers tell this in a nice and precise way.

Their graphic design is rather informational, which makes them appear serious and ironically in tune with the values of the media- as they should be. At least in serious journalism.

I'd like to have some of those. Would be fun placing them in to newspapers in public places.

You can read more about this here: http://www.tomscott.com/warnings/



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