Conflict Kitchen

Food speaks about culture, ideology, aesthetics, politics and of course power.
Exactly power is the topic this wonderful project deals with. Conflict kitchen from Pittsburgh serves only food from Countries, America is in conflict with. This is a strong message this folks are communicating to their community. The whole process is organized around human experience and contact. People can talk, discuss, engage with each other and eat food.

Special dinners are organized, like the one with a live Skype video streaming between Pittsburgh and Tehran, where people ate same food and talked.

Congratulations for this project!

More here: http://www.kubidehkitchen.com/



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12 years, 10 months

It is interesting to see the fact that actually food can bring people together, from any sorts of background. I think it is because food itself is a basic, vital needs for human. In each society, they give careful thought to the daily preparation of meals, either for family, friends or even strangers. Therefore, food means love. It reminds me of Anthony Bourdain, who shows us that food definitely brings people together, no matter where we are from and what circumstances we are in. It happened to me once, when a friend of mind who is from Spain was about to come back to her country, leaving Brisbane. She cooked traditional spanish meals for us as a community which actually just barely knew one another. We were approximately come from 8 different countries but end up having the same meal, having a blast and talking as if we have been friends for long time. Using food to bring us together is just natural. The joy we got when we prepare and give it to others is such an exciting experience. And yes, this Conflict Kitchen is definitely such a genius way to bind people together, no matter what background they are from.

“Food, like a loving touch or a glimpse of divine power, has that ability to comfort.”
— Norman Kolpas