Slovenian national public TV always an issue

Slovenia could be proud of the national television. National public TV was traditionally quite good, with program covering different thematics related to wide audiences.

But some years ago the TV was parazited and sucked by the right wing government who won the ellections. What happened was umbelivable:
- a new law which was written by one person in extremely short time, without public debate, without listening to warnings of slovenian and international media experts.
- they positioned their people on important places based on political simpathies.
- fighting with commercial channels for the audience with banalization, trivialization of the programm…
- cancelling a lot of good, critical, alternative shows (music shows with alternative music, jazz, art, political satire) and swap them with shows covering slovenian traditional music, etc.
- catolic church recieved their package of minutage
- etc etc etc…

The parliament –now left wing, has accepted a new, better law... but the right wing parties – connected in a coalition managed to obtain a referendum on the new law. It will be in the middle of december. People will be asked if they accept the new law or not.

I am designing and illustrating a student magazine for the student organization of Universtity of Primorska in Slovenia… For the cover illustration I wanted to highlight this issue
Here is the illustration… Hope you like it.


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13 years

here in Brazil we have TV Cultura TV station - it would be a shit if something like this happen here ... I can imagine like cultural centers here closed from one pen...