See you at the Workshop!

It was not a easy decision to make. To many participants submitted good work to this year’s festival, too many of you we would like to work with in our workshop. However, we had to make a decision. Workshop mentors: Tony Credland, Sandy Kaltenborn, Shoaib Nabi, Alain Bieber, Jason Grant and myself were first discussing criteria than we selected separate lists and in the end one list of twenty participants was agreed upon.

Here you can see the criteria we used :
1. multicultural dialogue between participants
2. participants also from underprivileged environments
3. strong presence of theory and practice among participants
4. a mix of different approaches to visual communication
5. past/current engagement in Memefest community
6. relevance of submitted work to festival outlines
7. involvement of participants with different levels of expertise - from the expert to the amateur

This years friendly competition participants who are awarded our special award and will be invited to come to the Netherlands are:

Anja Groten (Netherlands), Darija Medic (Yugoslavia), Karin Grigoryan (Armenia), Tamara Djordjević (Yugoslavia), Mathieu Tremblin (France), Niloufar Tajeri (Germany), Gal Kirn (Slovenija), Scott Townsend (USA), Christian Zoellner (Germany), Paolo Cirio (Italy), Alana Hunt (Australia), Jody Boehnert (UK) , Vladimir Turner (Czech Republic), Monika Klobčar (Slovenija), Simon Perčič (Slovenija), Gavin Grindon (UK), Sarah Dugan (Canada), Giada Totaro (Italy), Jovana Cvetićan (Yugoslavia), group_5 (UAE).


As you will be able to read bellow on the blog post links, this will be a very special workshop. It will include the conceptualization and design of maps that will visualize and textually articulate the difference between socially responsive communication and the problematic practice of "social marketing".

Workshop will be mentored by experts who are for many years at the forefront of progressive communication. People with knowledge, experience, skill and integrity. The best of the best! Together with the best of Memefest friendly competition participants this will be a extraordinary strong team to work together on a project, that no one has worked on so far.

The workshop will be held in Nijmegen, Netherlands. Workshop start is May 30th, ending on June 6th. Arrival of participants and mentors will be May 29th and everyone going back home on June 7th.

You should note following: we can cover 300 EUR for all travel costs + accommodation in hotel in Nijmegen for the whole time of the workshop. This money is given from the "EU for Citizens" program only for EU residents and it should be enough to travel within EU.

Among the chosen participants are also comrades from outside of the EU. We will try very hard to get additional resources for that. We will start to work on this next week.

Now, that the list of workshop participants is announced we will get in touch with you. If someone won’t be able to come, we will choose another participant. We will inform you regarding this development in the comment section of this blog post. So if you are not among the chosen ones in this list, you need to check this space in the next week or two.

We are excited to meet ya all. It’s gonna be fun, it’s gonna be inspiring and it’s gonna be hard work!

In the mean time check the exciting programm of Oddstream, our partner festival where Memefest workshop will be held:


It's gonna be fantastic. You should not miss it. You are all invited to come!

Also: to fresh up your mind: here are two blog posts discussing the workshop concept:




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13 years, 2 months


13 years, 2 months

Thanks Memefest! :)

13 years, 2 months

Should be an interesting workshop :)

13 years, 1 month

looking forward to this--!

13 years, 1 month

Thanks! Look forward to meeting and working with all of you :)

13 years, 1 month

I am very much looking forward to it too and to meet you all and work with you.

There are few changes in the lineup of participants. Some can not come for private reasons, and we are waiting for some replies yet. Once things are more tangible we will post about it here. soon.