Memefest 2012 Festival Poster

Created in collaboration with Montreal based designer and Memefest curatorial bord member Kevin Yuen Kit Lo, who visually beautifully designed Debt's dark world, here is this years Memefest poster.

We have been discussing a lot and in the end liked the concept of the dark urban space, with references to power- both on the side of banks and network/ bottom up organisations. We tried to balance between a subjective poetics approach and explicit references that would frame the concept of Debt in relation to Memefest.
Occupy again was an inspiration. We have just printed it and posters will start popping up in the next days in several countries.

You can add Kevin to your Memefest network here: http://www.memefest.org/en/profile/lokidesign/


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12 years, 2 months

Good job, Kevin! Looks amazing.

12 years, 2 months

Beautiful design, strong message ¡Congrats!

12 years, 2 months