once we were thinkers

not so far in time we were used to create out of nothing, to create without thinking in terms of stuffs and gizmos but in terms of results and meaning and innovation out of void. Now this approach is in the hands of teachers and workshops maker that have the slog to clean the brain of young artists and to force them to carve the work out of a dirty garage with a 486 and shoestring.



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9 years, 4 months

What now approach do you mean? The teachers and workshop makers are trying to use stuffs and gizmos or they are trying to use results and meaning and innovation out of void? I think you mean the second, and that the dirty garage is full of stuffs and gizmos?

I personally think the best way to teach and learn results and meaning and innovation out of void is by doing hand drawing/illustration/writing. All you need is some paper and a pencil, or wall and chalk, plus you don't even need hands, some people use their mouth or toes to hold the pencil. Drawing/illustration/writing with paper and pencil is probably the most versatile and simple method of communication ever created and developed through evolution. Then probably comes personal experiences that shape artists thinking the most to create originally.

Hmm, today, is society making people have less experiences but society is making people consume more experiences? Is this how the dirty garage is formed!?

Teachers and workshop makers probably do have a hard time getting young artists to think originally and to not keep a copying reproducing mentality way of making/creating that forms over time from all the vast amounts of information and resources now available; society making people consume more experiences.