Imaginary POSTERS : MAPPING Workshops

London College of Communication

Wed 10th June

– 16.00 in room D209

Lecture by Oliver Vodeb: Workshops as a Design research method and intervention

Thu 11th & Fri 12th June

– 10.30-16.30 in room D209


This praxis based two-day design workshop will be investigating the medium of posters as a critical mapping tool.

The workshop will focus on design as a process and will investigate workshops as design pedagogy, research & intervention.

Communication designers use a wide range of methods in their research and creative process. One of the main approaches are workshops, which as a format allow for a range of different cultures of designing. We are interested in these cultures and will look closer at the potentials of workshops through mapping these potentials with a series of three posters.

Workshop will be mentored by:

Oliver Vodeb (Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne + Memefest)
Tony Credland (LCC MAGD + Cactus Network)

Bring photo cameras and laptops.

If you will be in London in June 10-13th and would like to participate in this workshop- you are warmly invited. Let us know - write to oliver at memefest dot org and tony at cactusnetwork dot org dot uk


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