Talking with the moster.

The right wind arise in Latinoamerica. After more than 10 years of leftist governments --the same governments who nationalised the airway enterprises, the retirement founds, oil industries, confronting the big international economics powers and reducing unemployment and iliteracy-- Argentina has go back to the liberalism. The people has elected, for less than 2% of difference, this dark way again. More than a consequence of bad politics or social economics discomfort, the key to understand this change lies in the mass media communication powers. These groups, in the figure of Grupo Clarin, has punched the government of the populist Frente para la Victoria since 2003. The reason is quite simple: the mass media communication powers are in a tight connection with the traditional economics powers, and the politics that the government impulsed were in explicit confront with the interest of those groups. The taxes to the soy production (that is in the basement of the wealth of such economics powers) was one of the politics of the Frente para la Victoria (peronism) who use that money to impulse a popular home building credits that became possible for more than 1000000 people to conquer their dreams of a house of their own.

But every dream has to be conquest. And that means conflict. It's impossible for a society to reach more equality and justice for their people if that society doesn't confront the conflict. That's the basement of politics. In the last memefest meeting in Melbourne we talked about dialogue and its limits. The political situation in Argentina this days is very close to that philosophical question. The old owners of Argentina has made a incredible investment in mass media propaganda proposing the “peace among all”. The elected president, Macri, is one of the greatest businesses man in the country, and is calling just now to a terrible and unpredictable reduction in national social services (health, employment programs, social inclusion initiatives).

Kojev said that every proposition is able to be denied: just the violence of reality proves the true of a proposition. The country is now divided: 51% with the right wind, 49% with the peronism and socialism.

(In the photograph you can see a street demonstration in support of the peronist goberment.)


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