The Patchwork Model

The matter is a new nascent social network: a desktop of proposition, confrontation and deliberation that could be used both to make seriously advance democracy and simply to have fun. Tribes of friends, associations, working équipes, condominiums, sports teams, political movements and parties, governments and families: all these people often face important or mundane turning points and need a communication channel that lead them to concordant and easy decisions.

The Patchwork Model gather people around an issue and makes them amuse to find the solution proper for all. It doesn't build weak consensus but strong agreement. This is the game: a patchwork coloured with different views will become, through interactions among users, in an harmonious fabric enriched with thousands shades. Patchwork is the game and patchworkers are the players who can engage, both in local and global agoras, both for trivial and grave aims.

I hope that this special tool could be implemented in the MemeFest site. Some years ago I made a dynamic working simple Patchwork site but I have not many skills like programmer and certainly also many resources were necessary. However today, with all these crowdfunding services, if MemeFest People would like this project, it should not be difficult to find financial resources. So who would make start this ship will find me and the Patchwork Model very available.

You will find its theory at:



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