Community Harvest Project

Hello all! I find this super meaningful and I am seeking your support. I have been participating in the Community Harvest project twice and was both times blown away by the magic created by bringing together such diverse communities, people of such different backgrounds and with such incredible life stories. The Community Harvest Project does the best job, I have ever seen in finding meaningful, joyful, intimate and far reaching ways to build human bonds of trust, collaboration and cohabitation. I have learned by moving to Australia what it means to be far away from home and how important it is to feel welcomed, connected and appreciated. But I am on the privileged side of the society. Many people aren't. This is an utterly beautiful project through which I have learned so much about people, food, cooking, music and life. The project works in Melbourne and is now seeking support. Please take time, and check the link bellow and please consider a donation however small or big. It really will help make a difference for many amazing people. Thanks! Check out link bellow:



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