Your 20 Sources and 20 People for this Year 2020

This OPENBLOG 2020 theme is for all MEMEFEST MEMBERS to freely participate in.

The idea is to help each other on MEMEFEST get to know and understand what you represent in 2020 on MEMEFEST. What identity you have and through this, knowledge can be shared and collaboration may form between people that you may never have considered talking to or collaborating with.

Discovering similar interests with each other or gaining new knowledge and facts, we can grow in many ways in 2020 on MEMEFEST.

What to do?

The 20 sources and 20 people can be from your vast knowledge that you have accumulated over your lifetime so far or from the last 2 years or 5 years for example. It’s your choice how much you want to share.

Make a list of 20 sources that you feel comfortable sharing that represents you in 2020 on MEMEFEST. Sources can be from books, videos, official reports, journal articles, images, maps, music, interviews, doctoral theses, newspapers, online documents, etc.

And / Or

Make a list of 20 people, current and/or from history, that you think are important or need to be remembered or should be known of today! Who do you admire? Who are your heroes?

These 20 sources and 20 people can be based on a single interest and theme or mixed with lots of interests and themes.

When to post your blog?

Because this OPENBLOG 2020 theme can become extremely detailed and in depth, try not to rush it, take your time and make something you are proud of sharing on MEMEFEST.

Also aim to post your blog in one month after first discovering and reading this so it’s like friendly pressure to not get lazy or forget about it.

And your MEMEFEST comrades can join forces and make a collaborative 2020 list if you don’t want to do it alone!

Stay fresh!

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4 years, 3 months

How do I post?

4 years, 3 months

How do I post?

4 years, 1 month

I like this initiative a lot Stephen. Somehow I just got the opportunity to look into it now. Same question as @ize in the comments bellow. Where and how did you want us to post?