Forms of resistance: pro-commons activism

Juan M. Prada is spanish critical thinker. He writes about digital aesthetics and new forms of resistance. The focal points of his research are: social networks, communication, aesthetics, biopolitics and forms of resistance.
He coordinates the platform http://medialab-prado.es/inclusiva-net/ . It is about social web and radicality of the P2P Paradigm.
Here is another JMP good txt about Economies of affectivity http://www.vinculo-a.net/english_site/text_prada.html and txt about Forms of resistance http://nextnode.net/sites/emst/wp/?p=277/
Interesting video by Michel Bauwens on conditions for the Radicality of the P2P Paradigm in Medialab-Prado


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13 years, 9 months

zdaj sem lahko uploadal txt, težava: embedal sem video, nič se ne prikaže, težava tudi z linki v besedilu

13 years, 9 months

embedani video ne deluje