Deadline for submissions is EXTENDED till January 25th!

Hi Comrades. We are excited to say that we have received inspirational works from around the Globe. Some of them are just brilliant!
However, many requests arrived asking for extension of deadline. We are happy to listen to our community. So... we will wait for your wonderful works till JANUARY 25th!

If you have any questions regarding your submissions don't hesitate to ask!

We recommend also you read this blog post with some hints regarding your submission.

Good luck!

PS: here are again few hints for you when submitting:

1. Visual communications practice category:


make sure you respond the the festival outline LOVE:CONFLICT:IMAGINATION

We need to be able to see the connection with the theme and your work. Also, take time when providing the written description of your work and explain the connections with the theme.

2. We would also like to stress that participation is open to everyone. There is no age limitation or any restriction. :)

3. Check out our radical and inspirational Awards here:


4. Submit your work via our submit application here:




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