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Food Democracy Webinar!

Dear Friends, join us for the FOOD DEMOCRACY live Webinar where I will be together with Franceska Francesca Zampollo discussing the latest book, Food Democracy, Critical Lessons in Communication, Design and Art on November 22 7 PM GMT+ 1.

Check more about the book here:

Find link for the webinar here:




The Pleasure of Radical Gardening

“Certain gardens are described as retreats when they are really attacks.”
Ian Hamilton Finlay cited in George McKay’s Radical Gardening: Politics, Idealism and Rebellion in the Garden.

When I first saw the theme for this year’s Memefest Friendly Competition, my instant response to the word ‘Pleasure’ was gardening. Not very radical might be one’s first response but for me the pleasure of gard…



" the worst thing you did to us was to make politicians out of all of us"

A haunting piece that articulates the thematic concerns of Memefest 2014, as the author concludes - " the worst thing you did to us was to make politicians out of all of us":…/book-review-kashmir-the-vajp…/99/



MELBOURNE MOB - Radical Intimacies in Action

So... finally some snapshots from the amazing energy we are all experiencing here in Melbourne right now.

Three days of symposium with great speakers: critical thinkers, activists, academics, artists, designers, lovers and friends (and guitar players) from around the world who helped to open our horizons on the theme Radical Intimacies: Dialogue in out Times - especially the ones delivered fr…



Announcing the Lieutenant John Pike Memeorial Browser Extension

On November 18th, 2011, Lieutenant John Pike of the University of California, Davis police force casually pepper sprayed peaceful protesters at the UC Davis campus. By November 20th, Lt. Pike and his actions had become a meme. Today marks the third anniversary of both the UC Davis Pepper Spray Incident, and the Casually Pepper Spray Everything Cop meme -- two events of profound cultural importanc…



Friendly Competition Results will be Announced November 5th!

Dear community, dear comrades and friends. We have initially announced that results of this years Memefest Friendly competition will be known last week in October. As much as we are working hard on the process, we will have to extend the date till November 5th.

Your response was overwhelming. We have received more than 250 submissions from 26 countries on the highly complex and difficult theme…



RADICAL INTIMACIES: DIALOGUE IN OUR TIMES: Friendly Competition Deadline Closed!

We are very excited to have received inspiring works from around the world to this years Friendly competition!

The theme RADICAL INTIMACIES: DIALOGUE IN OUR TIMES has triggered a lot of creative energy and work. It was and is a highly interesting journey for us too.
Dialogue is at the very core of socially responsive communication and art. But how does dialogue work today, what is its place i…



Deadline Extended! Artists, Critical Writers and Communication Design Interventionists- 5 More Days to go!

Well, well... how great to see inspiring works from around the globe being submitted to this years Memefest Friendly Competition!

Many of you have asked for a bit more time- and we are listening. We want everyone to have a chance to participate in our global dialogue on the current states of dialogue, therefore we extend the deadline for FIVE more days. The last deadline is Thursday 25th of Se…



How Can we Think and Practice Dialogue Today?

Dialogue is the crucial form of communication. It makes us able to communicate beyond differences and create common worlds. It puts the individual as well as the community in the centre of attention.

Dialogue is now important more than ever. But what has became of dialogue today? What influences most of the intimacy we are capable to create? What if we are witnessing a new phase of communicati…




El DIALOGO es recurrentemente presentado como “la solución” para los problemas de nuestro tiempo: en el arte, la guerra, el amor, la democracia e, inclusive, en el lugar de trabajo. En efecto, el diálogo ha sido el ethos central del Memefest, desde su nacimiento en 2002. Pero: Y si el diálogo no funcionara?

INTIMIDAD RADICAL: EL DIÁLOGO EN NUESTRO TIEMPO, es el tema del Memefest de este año. E…