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Cook Up Dialogue

A project aiming to establish a heightened sense of connectivity between the chef, the kitchen and the community

We are students that have spent three weeks in Patan, Nepal developing a body of work surrounding the concepts of unlearning photography and pleasure media through the lens of food

To see more find us on instagram @cookupdialogue



Talking with the moster.

The right wind arise in Latinoamerica. After more than 10 years of leftist governments --the same governments who nationalised the airway enterprises, the retirement founds, oil industries, confronting the big international economics powers and reducing unemployment and iliteracy-- Argentina has go back to the liberalism. The people has elected, for less than 2% of difference, this dark way aga…



homophobic bar in Havana

The Kingbar -bar and restaurant- located in the city of Havana has a discriminatory admission police based on sexual orientation and race. While in Havana please avoid this place, they say they are gay friendly, and the place is run by a gay couple, but do not let them fool you, they can still discriminate.



KONSPIRAMA the NAME OF THE GAME, he is for real the fourth eye of our crumble reality made of tellers and whistleblowers. Machiavelli meets William Burroughs and James Joyce. Trevor Paglen sees beyond the veils.



Israel, Gaza, War & Data

An interesting article on the failure of social media "dialogue".



Where has this world gone?

Here is a stamp from 1981 declaring India's solidarity with Palestinian people.

Where has this world gone?



A Colourful Ruse

It has been a while. But I must say I have enjoyed the break. Blogging since 2003 is not always easy, although it is mostly fun, rewarding, interesting and satisfying. Sometimes though, a break is nice and good to have. No matter how I turn it around, and how much technologies change the media sphere, still- communicating through autonomous channels is one of the key elements of a public sphere w…



Brazil and its political prisoners, contemporary dictatorship and military police

RIO DE JANEIRO – On Tuesday, 15 October, 2013, more than 200 protestors were arrested by the Rio de Janeiro state Military Police, as part of the continuing criminalization of social movements in the city. Those arrested were sent in small groups to over 10 different police stations, with the clear objective of impeding their access to legal assistance.

On Monday, 21 October, the Brazilian Ju…



Memefest Brisbane Seminar/Workshop/ Intervention- Food Democracy PROGRAM DRAFT! we go. Bellow is a draft of the program for the event here in Brisbane that will take place from the 4.11.-11.11.

(update (25.10): there have already been few changes made since this was posted)

Have a look, especially the event participants, and let us know what you think. The finished version will be published end of this following week.




FOOD DEMOCRACY meme visuals

Here we go - the posters are cooked!

The ingredients for this year dish was:
- 2 kg of images with strong but at the same time open narration
- 6 pieces of vernacular typography normally used in small local groceries
- a pinch or two of supportive text
and an extra doze of imagination.

Here are the results.

Enjoy the meal/Dober tek/DObar tek/Buen apetito/Buon apetito/Gutten Ap…