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New book out on DIY activism

I'm hoping to interest members in my new book TINKERING. It's a journalistic and scholarly investigation into the political implications of material culture. It spans across sociology, art & technology history, anthropology and politics.

TINKERING profiles Australian DIY activisim and the political and economic concerns of home-based production and labour. Here's an extract:…



Is our planet screwed? Well, maybe not…

If worries about our impending social and environmental apocalypse threaten to ruin your holidays, below are some thoughts from my upcoming book that might provide some hope. Season’s Greetings!

Is our planet screwed? Are we going to run our civilization into the ground, as many doomsayers claim?

When you look at the cold figures science provides us, they are certainly terrifying. The combi…



Launching GISWatch 2014 at MEMEFEST/Swinburne

Andrew Garton and the Association for Progressive Communications in collaboration with Memefest/Swinburne are launching the latest version of the Global Information Society Watch publication, GISWatch 2014, which reviews the effects of national, global mass surveillance of citizens around the world.

When: 6:00pm, 18 November 2014
Where: Haddons Cafe Bar, Swinburne University, AR Building, 642…



Israel, Gaza, War & Data

An interesting article on the failure of social media "dialogue".





Warscape: Sonata por una bala perdida - Silent bullet

Este es mi actual proyecto, basado en la remezcla de audios relacionados con la guerra contra las drogas en México. Propongo utilizar software libre y licencias de contenido copyleft para crear y distribuir las obras artísticas.

This is my ongoing project. It's sound art to bypass the information crisis related with Narco War that is living Mexico. My proposal al…



Memefest DEBT- Free The Network

Debt has many effects. One of them is this project. Rethinking, remaking, re imagining our internet. Communication is essential. Have a look at this fantastic initiative. How else can we respond to DEBT?

Have a look at our Festival outlines here:



The First Official Cyberwar has begun

It was in 2004, when we created a whole Memefest Festival around the Cyberwar theme. Besides the "Design is not enough" manifesto, the main text that served as a festival provocation for people around the world to create media and texts, was "Cyberwar is coming." It was a highly important but also popular theme with our community

Few days ago, this video was published by the Anonymous group, d…



Clay Shirky: Why SOPA is a bad idea

"But where the DMCA was surgical, [...], the SOPA and PIPA are nuclear. [...]"



Welcome to Pine Point!

Credited to Paul Shoebridge, Michael Simons and the National Film Board of Canada this is one of the most beautiful and strong pieces of interactive story telling I have seen and one of my favourite works submitted to Memefest.

In the authors words: "Imagine your hometown never changed. That no one ever grew old or moved on. Part book, part film, part family photo album, Welcome to Pine Point…