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Urgent Invitation

This is an invitation to contribute to an exhibition about Open Source design - "Burst Open" at Artisan Gallery in Brisbane Australia.(

Quality design is considered as expensive and elitist; the world of the modern day designer typically exists in a bubble of isolation. Burst Open is an exhibition that takes these problems and turns them into an optimistic …



New Book: InDEBTed to Intervene

We are very excited to let you know about our new book. We have been working on it for more than a year and the book is as beautifull and strong in any way as was the adventure in to researching debt and making it.

The book is an investigation in to Debt as the key instrument that defines current social relations- through the lens of communication, design and art. It is both- theory and pract…



Rok za prijavu radova na MEMEFEST 2013 - FOOD DEMOCRACY je produžen do 31. maja 2013!

Memefestovci, rok za predaju radova smo produžili do kraja meseca!

Kao što znate, tema Memefesta 2013 je DEMOKRATIJA HRANE. Pozivamo vas da u naredne dve sedmice odgovorite na pitanje: šta je za vas DEMOKRATIJIA HRANE?

Vreme je da na ovo pitanje odgovorite iz svog trbuha, na osnovu vašeg istraživačkog rada, vlastitog iskustva ili iz prakse svakodnevnog opažanja. Sudelujte na Memefestu sa …



FOOD DEMOCRACY meme visuals

Here we go - the posters are cooked!

The ingredients for this year dish was:
- 2 kg of images with strong but at the same time open narration
- 6 pieces of vernacular typography normally used in small local groceries
- a pinch or two of supportive text
and an extra doze of imagination.

Here are the results.

Enjoy the meal/Dober tek/DObar tek/Buen apetito/Buon apetito/Gutten Ap…



Memefest 013 Festival Outlines: FOOD DEMOCRACY!

In the era of privatisation of everything fundamental human needs get colonised through corporate strategies. The food system becomes a machine, which excludes people. We have almost no chance to participate in the production and distribution of food. The consumption is to a big degree predefined as well- our desires to achieve pleasure with food are in many ways the product of the prevailing foo…



Stormy Discussion

Brisbane has provided a temporary (if tempestuous) home for our community of students, professionals, artists, researchers, educators, and activists to assemble and discuss how we can combat alienation and reclaim the public sphere for dialogue on issues of debt.

A great but exhausting few days so far starting with presentations of work by the Memefest "Imaginative Critical Intervention" awa…



CULTURAL EMBASSY of PALESTINA in Ljubljana and Maribor

From 20th of October to 1st of December Cultural days of Palestinian culture will take place in Maribor and Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Cultural embassy consist of exhibitions, palestinian poetry, documentaries, talks, etc.

For detailed programme visit the FB event site (just in slovenian language):

I was involved in project as a designer of th…



In Debt we trust

in god we trust, the rest pay cash




Creating a new University

No less, than creating a new university is our goal. Writing from Paris, here the third day of conference/workshop is getting hot. Bellow an update on what is happening with a short intro on the concept of the Urmadic University project. Memefest is collaborating with and supporting this project. Also I am leading (together with Anne-Marie Willis) a radical communication workshop in support to th…



Memefest 2012 Festival Poster

Created in collaboration with Montreal based designer and Memefest curatorial bord member Kevin Yuen Kit Lo, who visually beautifully designed Debt's dark world, here is this years Memefest poster.

We have been discussing a lot and in the end liked the concept of the dark urban space, with references to power- both on the side of banks and network/ bottom up organisations. We tried to balance …