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Real media life stickers

I like this sticker concept. One of the better i have seen in a while. For some time it seemed to me that the imagination around the sticker medium was having troubles going beyond fun. I have reviewed thousands of stickers while being a jury member at the first international sticker award: After the first few years of highly original sticker art/communication the c…




RE:akt! - meaning not only “to act again” but “to respond to/react upon” and “Regarding: act!”- confronts current ideological and intellectual canons, power structures, policies, and distribution channels by re-enacting selected historical events. Through processes of analysis, deconstruction, re-enactment and (re-)reporting, the intermedia research and presentation project …



Community as a canvas

Sharp said that the participation has become an expectation in city regeneration and public art a way to achieve it. In year 1985 Artmakers in collaboration with Charas Inc. sent out a call to artists to create a multi-mural park on the walls surrounding a derelict community garden. La Lucha addressed five issues: local gentrification, frayed police/community relations, women’s rights, U.S. inter…



Art as a tool for civil initiatives

11th September 1973 was the day Augusto Pinochet lead dramatic overthrow of the democratically elected Marxist government. More than ten thousand so called demolish citizens were gathered on the national stadium in Santiago, where many of them were publicly killed. In that time, Chile saw women as politically passive and eliminated. Dictatorship prevented women political participation outside the…



250 characters

The ability of people to express their opinion and to react on each others opinion has actually gone up the past year. The downside is that most of them think 140 characters is more than enough to express a clear, thoughtful opinion or to give a well thought respond. This post include 250 characters.



The narcissism of the artist

The past months I spoke with several people about Memefest and especially when I mentioned ' festival of radical communication' people started to wonder, what is this Memefest, where does it come from? When I said Slovenia, a person told me he was not surprised because in the old Europe (such as the Netherlands) according to him you don't have to have an opinion anymore and in the new Europe and…



The real life social network

Here is a interesting look in to the life of our real social networks. On-line and off line.



360 degrees projection

Today I visited the World Wide Video Festival, one of the first media-art festivals in the world that started in 1982 and organised their last festival in 2004. Nowadays they are focussing on 360 degrees panorama projections and cooperation with artists around the globe. It was an inspiring meeting and we discussed the possibility to create a 360 degrees projections related to 'love;conflict, con…



Class Wargames presents: Guy Debord’s “The Game of War”

Just got an email from Richard Barbrook- whose fantastic "The High-Tech Gift Economy" text is going to be published in our Memefest reader this November.

He is working on this fantastic project. Here is a description and the first part of the movie:

“In the early-1970s, Debord created his film adaptation of The Society of the Spectacle by splicing together clips taken from other people’s…



Webpage in progress

We are slowly coming to the desired state of this great website. Sure, there are plenty little bugs lying around and we are working on their disappearance.